The name Koonara comes from the name of our family’s property.

1906, Henry Albert and Alice Jane Reschke (Pictured here with son Reg Reschke) came to Coonawarra to build a life for their family. Nearly 100 years on, our family still live in Coonawarra. The Cattle stud on the property is still here, but the vineyards and wine have been our focused passion for the last 16 years.

Every year since 1991, 30 Cases of Koonara has been made for family and friends. Finally in 1999, we decided to make our wine available for the public, so we made a very limited number of cases, held back to give our wines a chance to mature in the bottle.


Our vineyards are naturally kept at an average of just over 2 tonnes an acre (no bunch selection or thinning). We believe quality is paramount in creating a wine which is not only good, but consistent each year.
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