We like to create a passion that’s drinkable, sourcing the best fruit from around the country and enticing the grapes to sing with the best of new wave technique and artisan expertise.

We take the road less travelled and look to share traditional blends and forgotten varietals, enhanced with a Tempus Two twist. We make the most of scientific advances and technologies to draw out the absolute best but we’re also always looking to utilize time-honoured, labour-intensive methods in order to coax the best, and most interesting, aspects from our fruit. From hand-picking to hand-plunging, we invest the effort and time where it’s needed to ensure we meet our own high standards. We think of it as the best of both worlds and we’re very proud of the results.

Our wines are inspired by European tradition and style, and finished with a very definite Australian finesse. We are proud to showcase both familiar friends and new blends across our Pewter, Copper and Varietal ranges.

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